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Basic Lawn Maintenance

Our basic ground maintenance package includes a spring clean up, weekly lawn maintenance, fall leaf removal and a complete fall clean up.

Spring clean up

Cut back any grasses or perennials left thru the winter. Clean up debris along the curb-line, spray non-selective herbicide in sidewalk & driveway expansion joints. Remove leaves and debris from turfgrass, hardscape and landscape bed areas. Haul away and dispose of debris.


Weekly mowing

Lawn mowing and bagging of turf areas, edging of all walks & driveway and line trimming of all lawn obstacles. The curb-line, all sidewalks, driveway(s), decks and other hardscape areas will be blown off as well.

Fall clean up and lawn renovations

Remove any summer annuals, any fall mums if desired, cut back perennials, clean all leaves, sticks and debris from turf grass, hardscape areas and landscape beds as well. Follow township guidelines for placing leaves curbside for collection or hauling away debris subject to travel time to dump site and any disposable fees.

Fall lawn renovations include lawn dethatching, raking & disposal of debris, core aeration and over-seeding which aid in the repair of your lawn from the hot stressful summer months and/or any summer fungus damage which will keep your lawn flourishing throughout the year.

Lawn Care Program

Our six-step lawn care program treats your grounds with essential fertilizers and pesticides (as needed) to create and maintain a healthy lush turf throughout the year.

We additionally offer a pre-grub application, nutsedge control and fungicide applications.

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